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Winterproofing your home


Snowy Birmingham

Unless you’re reading this from the U.S. it’s safe to say that this winter has been anything but. Hardly a snowflake fell from the sky, hardly a frozen over puddle to slip on. In fact, if you’ve been keeping up with the news, this winter has so far been an incredibly wet and windy one.

Yet, as we write this blog, we are also embracing the warmth of being indoors. Temperatures are finally to drop a little, frost is creeping onto windscreens and the scarves have been dragged out from hiding. To quote a notable TV show: winter is coming, finally.

But with winter comes cold, and with cold comes a host of property problems. We have decided to rustle together some of the best tips and advice to ensure your property doesn’t give in to the cold chill of this belated winter.

Frozen pipes: the Achilles heel of properties. The sudden drop of temperature can cause water in pipes to freeze or even burst. Prevent this by ensuring pipes are insulated where possible, checking frequently and keep the heating on at a low setting.

Condensation: Science 101, when hot air or steam hits a cold surface it cools into a liquid form. This can happen a lot in homes during winter. It may not seem problematic, but that added moisture in the home also opens the doors to increased mould growth – tough to address, easy to avoid. Reduce condensation by covering saucepans, drying clothes outside, and opening a window to keep the home ventilated.

Heating: Keep the bills down by being a bit savvier with how you keep your home warm. Besides the obvious of wearing warmer clothes, closing doors and closing curtains when it is dark outside, you should also make the effort to shop around. Don’t be habitual and stick with the same energy providers. See what works for you. Oh, and socks are your friend.

There will always be winter-induced issues, but it pays to be sensible and make sure your property is prepared. It could be costly if you don’t!


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