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Whether you’re learned in your ways or are a newcomer to the property industry you’ll soon learn there’s nothing more valuable that establishing a positive working relationship with others that you deal with.Landlord & Tenant

Popular media often sketches landlords as a villainous type; demanding money and disregarding their tenants concerns, and all too often landlords are passively forced to shed themselves of this schema. Tenants may come into new agreements with a sense of reluctance and an already skewed view of their respective landlord.  Ultimately, landlords have to work hard to demonstrate that they can be approached and that they’re not set to steal their tenant’s precious income. Indeed, many landlords choose to be in such a role because they enjoy engaging with others.

Last year, statistics indicated that 76% of tenants viewed the relationship with their landlord positively, with 96% of landlords viewing the relationship positively too.  So how exactly are landlords shedding the villainous façade that they have been adorned with?

The key is communication.  An absent landlord who is difficult to contact will only dampen the bonds with their tenants. Tenants, whose contractual agreements often mean they’re limited to what they can do to properties, will be wholly reliant upon communication with the landlord. Tenants need to be able to raise concerns or issues with the comfort of knowledge that they will be dealt with as soon as is convenient. After all, a landlord’s property is a tenant’s home; their living space, where they return to after a day of work, where they reside with loved ones.

Therein lies a benefit in using an estate agency. They can take on this role and ensure that both tenants’ and landlords’ needs are being met. Maintenance problems are dealt with as quickly as humanly possible, outstanding costs are managed swiftly, and for cases of void property periods, estate agencies are vital in ensuring this is not prolonged.

Ultimately, we, as a successful and efficient agency, understand the value in maintaining a positive relationship with our customers and clientele.  By no means are we attempting to sound excessively self-promotional. We just like many others in the property industry are attuned to the fact that communication is a valuable tool, and that at the end of the day, the people involved in the property industry are just that: people.

With that, we now host a networking event for our clients, customers and associates to come together and meet. Entitled Thirsty Thursdays (yes, we do provide beverages) and set for the last Thursday of each month, these occasions are fantastic for expanding and strengthening your network and meeting new people. So open up your diary, and pencil in a visit to Thirsty Thursday.

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