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Studying the Studio Apartment


Studio apartments are becoming more commonplace in city-locations, primarily for what they offer to the young professional. The typical definition of a studio apartment usually identifies that the living space encompasses dining, sleeping and relaxing into one room, with kitchen and bathroom facilities as an adjacent.

A third-party perspective tends to view studio apartments as borderline claustrophobic. With less space than a 1-bedroom apartment or even a family, how could one consider living in such a closed environment?

The justification frequently lies in the fact that if an individual spends a greater portion of their day working and socialising, then the priority for home space is not particularly high. The UK is already witnessing a growth in those who are living solo, purely because it meets their needs. What advantages does studio living bring to such people?

Studio apartments not only offer chance to save money (you’ll already be heating less space for starters) but they’re often situated close to the notable parts of their respective cities. For instance, many studio apartments in Birmingham are located within developments close to leisurely hotspots such as The Mailbox, Brindley Place and Broad Street, all of which are close to transport links. Already, studio living demonstrates its effectiveness in contributing to an active lifestyle.

Obviously there will be weeks and weekends wherein a studio resident will be based at home. So how do they set about living in less space than the usual home?

The solution lies in being creative and selective. Most of what adorns the furnishings will be of a more practical use rather than decorative. By no means does this mean a studio apartment will look impersonal. There are many innovative designers out there who have sought to bring together appeal and efficiency into everyday household items.

In terms of lifestyle, the close proximity of one’s belongings make it easier to get things done. Cleaning is no longer a chore, multi-tasking become routine, and ultimately, with less money being spent on items, the savings would soon begin to show.

So, why do studio apartments get such a negative reputation? UK society often places an ideal of living with a family as the lifestyle to be attained. But increasingly, people are finding satisfaction in studio living. They save money, spend more time with friends, and have an easier way of life.

Next time you’re considering a move to the city; don’t write off studio apartments. New York and Japan are already recognised for seeing the value in smaller spaces. The residents of these properties eat out more often, and develop their cultural experiences in social activity, with the winter months merely making their studio home feel like a warm, familiar cocoon. Maybe it’s time for the UK to start embracing the small.

Great things often come in smaller packages! We have a great selection of studio apartments in our listings; so take the time to check them out!


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