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It’s time to get barbecue-ready!


The weather is getting warmer and the summer is FINALLY upon us, which means we can finally turn our thoughts to a spot of al fresco dining and a garden party or two. The humble barbecue has recently evolved into something pretty swanky, with more and more people now opting for a more elaborate affair. Here are a few simple tips to help you create the perfect summer party in your own garden:


Preparation is key:


Leaving everything last minute won’t work here, so don’t even try it. Minimise your workload by preparing as much as you can the same morning or even the night before. Don’t forget that wooden skewers need soaking in water before loading up with meat, and keep meat itself tender and moist with marinades, particularly on charcoal barbecues.


We’re sure this won’t happen… but if the weather decides to put a damper on things, there’s no reason why you can’t move the party indoors! Most barbecue foods can be cooked in a hot grill or oven, so be sure to have the kitchen (and all other inside areas!) prepared for potential entertaining.


Get the garden summer ready!


Think of it as a bikini-body diet for your patio - a change of season is a great motivator to get your outdoor spaces in shape for summer. We suggest a jet wash to clear up all the patio debris that has accumulated over the winter. Jet washing your patio is a great solution, guaranteed to leave your patio looking as good as new, ready for the barbecue season. Save time by washing the kids and dog in the same go (please don’t actually do this).


Safety first:


There’s nothing like a spot of al fresco dining to celebrate the sunshine, but along with this comes a few safety precautions. It’s important not to use flammable liquids to start your barbecue, or add them while it’s lit. Pick the most sensible person to look after the barbecue at all times, which is definitely NOT the one who has been drinking since 11am!


Meat can only be cooked properly once the charcoal is glowing all the way through, so take your time! The right cooking temperature has been reached when you hold your hand 10 to 15 cm over the grill and after about 3 seconds it is so hot that you have to pull your hand away. If you have to pull your hand away a lot sooner, the rack should be moved to a higher position or the temperature of the barbecue should be reduced using the air supply. Good steak is a science – get it right and there will be smiles all round!




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